How To Find AliExpress Sellers With a US Warehouses? (2023)

Many dropshippers are looking to make a six figure income and are wondering whether shipping from USA warehouses might help them more quickly reach their goal.

Customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of shipping with the likes of Amazon offering speedy deliveries. So where can you find Ali express sellers who have USA warehouses? And is there an alternative?

Let’s find out the definitive answer once and for all!

Log into AliExpress and input the keywords of the products you wish to ship in the search bar. Filter the results by choosing ‘Ship from the United States’ then select those sellers who have at least four-star review. As an alternative HyperSKU, offers a 2-4 day shipping service from its US fulfillment center.

With the brief answer in mind, let’s start by discovering why you should be seeking out AliExpress sellers with US warehouses, how it can help more quickly grow your dropshipping enterprise and find out if there are other expert dropshipping agents who can offer an alternative.

Read on to find out why you need to find sellers who have USA warehouses and more specifically of the dropshipping giant AliExpress can help your Shopify or other eCommerce store to bring you the best rewards.

Why do we need to find AliExpress sellers that ship from the US?

Competition from other stores

With over 230.5 million Americans shopping online in 2021, it’s not surprising to discover that the United States is one of the leading e-commerce markets.

Many dropshipping entrepreneurs are looking to sell winning products to this huge and promising market.

However, it’s worth understanding that anyone targeting US customers is going to be rivalled by those dominating the online shopping space such as Amazon and Walmart amongst others.

While it’s not difficult to beat Amazon et al with pricing, shipping times can be difficult for competing dropshipping ventures.

Amazon have warehouses in the US

Amazon has a huge number of warehouses located in the United States, with many more planned according to recent reports.

This of course means they can offer extremely speedy shipping times and usually takes somewhere between 1 and 7 days to ship their goods to customers.

So is it possible for dropshippers to compete with these super-fast delivery times from Amazon and others?

For anyone who wants to build a successful Shopify or other eCommerce stores, it’s worth knowing that many AliExpress sellers store their products in the US, which means you can effectively shorten your shipping times.

Long delivery times

One of the drawbacks of using AliExpress to fulfill dropshipping orders is the challenge of long delivery time from China.

Although some customers are happy to wait if it means a much cheaper product price, it’s not difficult to understand that these reduced item prices alongside faster shipping would no doubt help to win more customers.

For example, a customer in Ohio receiving your great winning product in less than 7 days rather than the long wait from China.

“Some AliExpress sellers store their products in the US, whichmeans you can effectively shorten your shipping times.”

AliExpress has warehouses in the US and Europe

Dropshippers don’t need to be tied to lengthy Chinese shipping times as AliExpress has warehouses across the USA and also in Europe.

This means your dropshipping model can take advantage of these shorter shipping times by slashing the usual transport times out of China right to your customers not only in the US, but across Spain, Germany, England, and other European countries.

“One of the drawbacks of using AliExpress to fulfill dropshipping ordersis the challenge of long delivery time from China.”

So why does shipping from China take so long? Read on to find out more.

EPacket can take up to 30 days to deliver

Many AliExpress sellers ship directly from China using ePacket, which can take up to 30 days to deliver.

Another negative point of ePacket is that it can be really difficult to track the shipment for both the store owner and customer as this shipping method doesn’t come with a tracking number either. This can cause customer service issues and lead to a bad experience for your customers and a wealth of customer service issues for you as a store owner.

Poor shopping experiences inevitably lead to bad reviews and more importantly be costly in terms of dispute rates for Shopify or other eCommerce store owners.

By actively seeking out AliExpress sellers with stock in the US can help solve these common dropshipping problems by shortening shipping times from 30 days to 5 days.

“Many AliExpress sellers ship directly from China usingePacket, which can take up to 30 days to deliver.”

Are there AliExpress sellers who have US warehouses?

AliExpress works with a list of US fulfillment centers, where the sellers can send and store their products there.

How to find AliExpress sellers that ship from the US

To find the AliExpress dropshipping suppliers having warehouses in the USA it’s a 3-step simple process.

  • log in to the AliExpress site
  • input the keywords of the products you wish to ship in the search bar.
  • Filer by choosing ‘ship from the United States’.

You can also find more AliExpress dropshipping suppliers with a warehouse in the USA from the Dropshipping Center on their website.

Making sure you thoroughly research the suppliers by checking feedback and ratings on the following:

  • Trust/feedback
  • Communication
  • Inventory turn time
  • Shipping cost and time
  • Additional charges
  • Returns, funds, and defects


It’s worth understanding that according to some anecdotal evidence, that some AliExpress sellers fake the shipping origin so it can be hard to work out the fact from the fiction!

Obviously, there might be more cost involved for those sellers who have USA warehousing as opposed to using products from China.

It’s also worth noting that the selection of products may be more limited than using China-based sellers.

Advantages of using US warehouses

Speedier delivery times

So it doesn’t need you to do much in the way of research to work out that using a warehouse in the country where your customers live will mean much faster delivery for them!

More stable business model

Dropshipping from USA warehouses will give your American customers a much more streamlined service. This will include not only faster shipping times, but a speedier delivery too.

You will be looking at delivery of around 2-4 days in general which helps to build a much more sustainable and stable business model.

Loyal customers

Returning customers can be a huge advantage for dropshippers who use USA warehouses.

Customers with the advantages of purchasing from USA dropshippers are much more likely to continue to buy from you based on loyalty to your brand.

Smoother transactions

With warehouses in the same country as your USA customers ensure a much smoother transaction. This will most likely result in less customer service such as lengthy shipping or the worst-case scenario, a disappearing order.

So let’s compare this with sourcing and delivering direct from China to see how it compares

How to enjoy faster shipping without AliExpress?

Use HyperSKU

Dropshipping is a great method in case someone wants to do online business without worrying about inventory management. There are several portals present that help in dropshipping, and one of them is the HyperSKU.

Whilst other dropshipping alternatives take a lot of time in shipping and fulfilling orders, HyperSKU provides express delivery within 12 days of the order.

HyperSKU is one of the best alternatives to AliExpress, with a powerful system designed by dropshipping experts which can offer quicker deliveries, and help minimize time-consuming dropshipping tasks.

HyperSKU offers express shipping from China to the US, typically in 7-12 days. For even faster shipping, you can order a batch of inventory and send it to our US warehouse with as little as 2-4 days shipping time.

And to finish on…

HyperSKU acts as your supplier, fulfillment handler, and virtual assistant, this is alongside offering 7-12 day shipping.

  • Save money
  • reclaim valuable time,
  • improve efficiency

All with one system ready to handle all of your dropshipping backend needs.

Dropshipping has never been this simple. You focus on selling your products, and the HyperSKU team handles the rest.

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