Here's How the Actress Who Plays Teeter on 'Yellowstone' Perfected Her Unusual Accent (2023)

There's no character on Yellowstone quite like Teeter.

The pink-haired, smack-talkin' Texan made quite an impression on Rip, Kayce, Lloyd, and the rest of the hired hands when she first showed up to work on Dutton ranch. While it can be tough to understand Teeter's thick accent at times (it's Teeter, not Tater!), the bunkhouse just wouldn't be the same without her. And now that she wears the infamous Yellowstone brand, it's obvious that Teeter is here to stay. (Because who could ever send her to the train station?!)

In honor of the season 4 premiere, get to know the actress who plays Teeter on Yellowstone: Jen Landon. Here's everything you need to know about her!

Is Teeter from Yellowstone Michael Landon's daughter?

Here's How the Actress Who Plays Teeter on 'Yellowstone' Perfected Her Unusual Accent (1)

Jen, left, pictured with her father, Michael, and brother, Sean, in 1989.

Those matching last names aren't just a coincidence! Jen Landon really is the daughter of the late Michael Landon, who is best known for his roles in Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven. However, Jen says the famous actor's greatest role was being a dad.

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"He was always so present as a father," she said in an interview with Closer Weekly. "He was just the best!" Jen actually made her on-screen debut as a child during an episode of Michael's own show, Highway to Heaven. Like father, like daughter!

What else has Teeter from Yellowstone been in?

If you look past Teeter's pink hair, you'll probably notice that the actress who plays her looks pretty darn familiar. Soap opera fans will recognize Jen from her role as Gwen Norbeck Munson in As the World Turns. She appeared in close to 500 episodes and won three consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. After that, Jen continued her soap career with parts in The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. In addition to starring in Yellowstone, Jen currently has a recurring role in FBI: Most Wanted, opposite young actress Yaya Gosselin.

Is Jen Landon married in real life?

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On Yellowstone, Jen's character Teeter has a budding romance with Colby. In the real world, Jen doesn't seem to be in a relationship and does not have any children. However, she is a proud "mother of Bulldogs" and has at least two adorable pups.

Does Jen Landon actually ride horses?

You bet! While Jen has a stunt double for some of her rougher scenes on Yellowstone, she really does love to ride horses—even when she's not on set. Earlier this year, Jen took a trip to Mexico to spend time drinking wine, enjoying local cuisine, and riding horses.

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During her visit, she "had one of the most exciting and memorable rides" of her life. For an actress on a ranching show, that's saying a lot!

Is Teeter's accent real?

No! The actress who plays Teeter doesn't speak anything like her character in real life. During a recent episode of the Yellowstone podcast, Jen explained that the show's creator Taylor Sheridan wrote out her lines "phonetically" when she auditioned so she could understand Teeter's dialect.

"I remember when I saw the signs, at first glance I was like 'What?'" Jen recalled. "The sounds are totally spelled out. . . I was like, 'One of these languages is not English.'"

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But it didn't take long for Jen to figure out what Teeter is trying to say.

"I was tickled by the fact that she always made sense to me. I always knew exactly what she was saying and that was not the case for a lot of people who would read it," she explained.

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