Diep.io tank class guide - The Twin and its subclasses (2023)

This nifty guide covers all of the Twin's subclass tanks and tips on using them effectively.

It almost feels like there are new Diep.iotanks every other day these days with the developer putting out new updates all the time now. Unfortunately if you don't play every day, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates, especially with all the new classes that get added.

This overview guide covers the Twin tank and its subclasses, of which there iscurrently a total of eight. Each one has its benefits, especially the level 45 tanks that all offer their own brand of overwhelming firepower that most players have trouble dealing with.

There are three branches inside of Twin, which you can choose at level 15. At level 30 you have a choice between three separate options, each of which branching into differing classes at level 45. These classes are:

  • Triple Shot (level 30)
    • Triplet (level 45)
    • Penta Shot (level 45)
  • Twin Flank (level 30)
    • Triple Twin (level 45)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
  • Quad Tank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)

The Twin, which you reach at level 15, is surprisingly capable even at early levels and is fine at 1-on-1 dueling and at farming, thanks to its base high reload speed, which is easy enough to ramp up to super high speeds via the Reload stat.

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This is not a durable tank and is fully-offensive, specializing in focus firing other players or efficient farming. It may in fact be the most powerful level 15 class because of its ability to focus fire, which easily beats out the Machine Gun in a duel.

At level 30 the Twin can go into the Triple Shot, Twin Flank, or Quad Tank. Check out below for more information on each of these classes.

Triple Shot (Level 30)

The Triple Shot may not be as popular as the Twin's other two options, but it is great at dealing with drone classes like the Necromancer, Overlord, and Manager.

The above said the Triple Shot is one of the weaker classes in the game and none of its default innate stats are amazing. It deals with drone classes so well because it can easily fire at the enemy tank itself and the drones at the same time, but it's not good at much else.

The Triple Shot can go into the Triplet or the Penta Shot at level 45. You really go through this class to reach the higher tier ones. It may be better to avoid fighting too much until you hit 45.

Triplet (level 45)

This is quite the upgrade from the Triple Shot! The tank's three barrels have come together to face forward, making the Triplet a force to be reckoned with.

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The Triplet is one of the highest damage tanks in the game and can easy shoot through most tanks' bullet sprays with ease when you've invested some stat points into Bullet Penetration.

This is a great choice for inexperienced Diep.io players or anyone who wants to feel like a boss. Do be warned that the recoil from the three barrels being on the front makes you move very slowly when trying to chase and shoot in the same direction.

Penta Shot (level 45)

The Penta Shot takes the excess guns of the Triplet and turns it up to 11 with a total of five simultaneously shooting barrels. It's hard as heck for any other player to get out of your line of fire when you're using this baby.

Like the Triplet, the Penta Shot is one of the stronger classes in Diep.io due to its firepower. And also like the Triplet, the recoil on the five barrels can be a real problem. The biggest issues when playing the Penta are dealing with the recoil and 1-on-1 duels against tanks that have more focused fire.

Do not try to engage Triplets or Gunners with this class unless they are already at half to low health.

Twin Flank (level 30)

This class doesn't get much attention but it's much stronger than it appears. The double barrels on either end minimize your recoil so your shooting doesn't have much effect on your movement, and it's easy to farm food (and hence score).


While leveling you can easily out-gun classes with more guns and higher rates of fire by focus firing on them. It's also easy to damage other tanks if you're running away, as you shoot in both directions simultaneously.

Triple Twin (level 45)

Most people seem to go for the Octo Tank, the Twin Flank's other level 45 class, but the Triple Twin does have its uses as it can focus fire other tanks much more easily than the Octo.

This is not a durable class as its base health is quite low. This is the same for the Octo Tank, but the Triple Twin has to put more effort into protecting itself. After all you don't have shots going out in all directions, but only three.

If you're comparing the two, you need more skill to do well with the Triple Twin than the Octo. The two barrels at the front are going to be your primary offense, while those in the back are most often used to keep other tanks off your butt and to farm without putting any effort into it.

Octo Tank (level 45)

The far more preferred of the two, the Octo Tank is one class you see in each and every match you're put into, no matter the mode. Players who have no idea how to deal with this beast will die to it, but players who know how to dodge and get in close (or good Sniper subclasses) will have an easy time taking out an Octo Tank due to its low base health.

The general strategy for playing this class is to spin, and spin a lot. You don't necessarily have to but it makes it even harder for other players to close in on you.

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This is purely an offensive class -- and if you're good, you can last a while going with an offensive-only glass cannon build (Reload, Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration) but if you're still new to it you may want to consider some Health and Health Regen for your own safety.

The Octo Tank can also be reached via Quad Tank (level 30), which is mentioned below.

Quad Tank (level 30)

The Quad Tank is available for both the Twin and the Flank Guard at level 30, and is exactly the same between either one.

Much as the name suggests, the Quad shoots from all four directions at the same time, meaning like the Octo Tank that comes after it at level 45, the Quad Tank is great at farming and keeping other players at bay but is not good at surviving in a duel.

The Quad Tank is very weak compared to most other level 30 tanks and is nowhere near as strong as the Octo, which shoots eight shots at once instead of four. Play carefully while leveling the Quad and stay away from other players, or simply go with the Twin Flank to get up to Octo instead.

You can read about the Octo Tank in the section right above this one!

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These are the current classes that come from the base Twin class, and almost all of them are pretty popular for good reason. While more tanks are being added to Diep.io all the time, these still continue to be some of the best and probably will be for some time.

And that's that for the Sniper and its subclasses. If you enjoyed this guide, check out mySniper tank guide and my Flank Guard tank guide. Happy shooting!

Published Jul. 26th 2017


Is Triple Twin good? ›

The Triple Twin is quite good at hiding under a Dominator in Domination to kill enemies that come near. That way, the player could do very good defense. Octo Tank works too. The Triple Twin could use C (Auto Spin) and E (Auto Fire) to fend off enemies.

What level is Tier 4 in Diep io? ›

Tier 4: Level 45. Upon reaching Level 45, the player may select one of these Tier 4 specializations. This is the final tier that most tanks can reach and is also the final level that any player can reach unless they press H in Domination game mode to become the Dominator which is fixed at Level 75.

What is the best tank class in Diep io? ›

Strongest Tank
  • Destroyer. The destroyer is one of the strongest tanks in the game because of it's huge bullet damage and recoil. ...
  • Overlord. The overlord is the second strongest tank in the game, because of it's powerful drones. ...
  • Snipers (With 6/7 bullet penetration.)

What is the best tank in Diep io 2022? ›

Top 10 Diep.io Tanks
  1. 1 Destroyer. Versatile in firepower and ramming. ...
  2. 2 Penta Shot. This beast absolutely wrecks everything in the game. ...
  3. 3 Triplet. Great thing, this Triplet. ...
  4. 4 Overlord. Not that good, but it can actually pack quite a punch if you use it like a pro. ...
  5. 5 Booster. ...
  6. 6 Hybrid. ...
  7. 7 Sprayer. ...
  8. 8 Machine Gun.

How do you get an Octo tank in Diep io? ›

From April 15th, 2016, to April 17th, 2016, the Max Level was 60, and the path to get the Octo Tank was as follows: Tank → Twin → Triple Shot → Quad Tank → Octo Tank. Therefore, at that time it was a Tier 5 tank.

What does H do in Diep io? ›

H allows you to take control of Dominators in Domination mode.

Is Penta shot good in Diep io? ›

The Penta Shot is one of the tanks that can be a good use for Survival, because it can take down Overlords and most other tanks. The Penta shot can out-penetrate a Triplet and works effectively at low range. Interestingly enough, the Penta Shot is surprisingly good with a rammer build.

How do you become a smasher in Diep io? ›

To unlock the Smasher, one must reach Level 30 with the basic tank. There are only 4 Stat Upgrades that are available to the smasher: Health Regeneration, Max Health, Body Damage, and Movement Speed. It can upgrade its stats 10 times, unlike the usual 7.

What's the strongest tank? ›

1/10 Leopard 2A7

Leopard 2A7 is the deadliest main battle tank that exists. In multi-national training, the weapon performs better than the US M1A2 SEP, the British Challenger 2, and the French Leclerc. Germany has already upgraded 20 Leopard in the 2A7 version and plans to upgrade 50 or 150 more.

What is the hardest boss in Diep io? ›

  • Summoner.
  • Fallen Booster.
  • Fallen Overlord.
  • Guardian.
  • Defender.
23 Oct 2020

Is factory good in Diep io? ›

Strong Against: Destroyer Dominators and, if skilled, the Factory can beat almost any class in one-on-one combat, mostly due to the high amount of damage its Drones can inflict if used well.

How do you get triplets on Diep io? ›

The Triplet is one of the three Tier 4 upgrade choices from the Triple Shot and can be selected at Level 45.

How do you get the triple shot in Diep io? ›

The Triple Shot is one of the three Upgrade choices from the Twin and can be selected at Level 30.

How do you spawn bosses in Diep IO sandbox? ›

Like in every other mode, random Bosses will spawn 10 minutes after the room is created and 15 to 23 minutes after the previous Boss despawns. Bosses will not give XP if in God Mode and the server will close after 10 minutes of inactivity.

How do I upgrade my tri trapper? ›

The Tri-Trapper is one of the five current Upgrade choices from the Trapper, which can be selected at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.

How do you control multiple tanks in Diep io? ›

Spawn both tanks in the game and make one of the tanks go right next to the other tank. Swipe the other tank's tab down. You are now multiboxing. Go to one of the tank's windows and play the game, and your other tank will do the exact same thing.

How do you use Necromancer Diep io? ›

A Necromancer holding its cursor right in front of themselves in the direction they are moving is a good defensive strategy. This moves all their Drones into an armor-like formation that completely covers their tank, protecting them from enemy attacks and Body Damage tanks like the Booster.

Is there a Diep IO 4? ›

Description. Diep.io 4, a project made by Gummy Ring using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.

Is there Diep IO 3? ›

Description. Diep.io 3, a project made by Efficient Troll using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.

How do you spawn a drone in Diep io? ›

Unlike other classes that use them, Necromancer tanks do not spawn Drones of their own. Instead, the player must run into Yellow Squares to convert them into Drones. When there is at least one Drone under control, the player can start infecting Squares with its Drones instead.

What is the fastest build in Diep io? ›

Annihilator and Booster, respectively, are the two fastest tanks in the game. Assuming you max out the reload and movement speed, here are the fastest tanks in the game: Annihilator.

Is landmine better than Spike Diep io? ›

Spikes are also useful for warding off the Landmine, as they generally have more Body Damage than Landmines. Some tanks have Auto Turrets that can reveal any cloaked Landmines. They will reveal the Landmine's position. Remember: You can never be too paranoid when a Landmine appears on the Scoreboard.

How fast can tanks go? ›

Believe it or not, tanks can actually move at about 25 miles per hour on flat terrain and up to 45 miles per hour on roads! Some tanks have even gone as fast as 60 to 70 miles per hour for short periods of time.

What is the weakest tank in the world? ›

The Bob Semple tank (sometimes referred to as Big Bob) was a light tank designed by New Zealand Minister of Works Bob Semple during World War II. Originating out of the need to build military hardware from available materials, the tank was built from corrugated iron on a tractor base.

What is the fastest tank? ›

More than 3,000 were produced and used as a reconnaissance vehicle or a light tank. It holds the Guinness world record for the fastest production tank; recorded doing 82.23 km/h (51.10 mph) at the QinetiQ vehicle test track, Chertsey, Surrey, on 26 January 2002.
FV101 Scorpion
Maximum speed72.5 km/h (45.0 mph)
26 more rows

Is Diep IO safe? ›

Considered safe by WOT

Everywhere, Anytime. 100% safe site. This is one of those . io game.

What is the most powerful tank in Arras io? ›

  • GeoScoph.
  • CyberDGun.
  • Somerandom222.
9 Feb 2021

Can you get past level 45 in Diep io? ›

It is possible to become higher than Level 45. Players can do this by taking control of a Dominator in Domination, or being the Mothership (before the game mode was removed).

How many levels are in Diep io? ›

There are 45 playable levels in total and they need a certain amount of score to be achieved.

At what levels can you upgrade in Diep io? ›

When you reach Level 30, you can choose a second upgrade depending on the basic upgrade that you chose. You can upgrade again at Level 45.

How do you get triplets on Diep io? ›

The Triplet is one of the three Tier 4 upgrade choices from the Triple Shot and can be selected at Level 45.

How do you spawn a drone in Diep io? ›

Unlike other classes that use them, Necromancer tanks do not spawn Drones of their own. Instead, the player must run into Yellow Squares to convert them into Drones. When there is at least one Drone under control, the player can start infecting Squares with its Drones instead.

Is Necromancer good Diep io? ›

A high skill level is needed for this tank, but it can easily become one of the best tanks in the game if it is effectively used, surpassing even the Overlord if the player is aware of the Necromancer's repelling ability.

How do you make a plat Diep io? ›

Shoot by left-clicking on your mouse.

If you destroy a square, you get 10 points, if you destroy a triangle, you get 25 points, if you destroy a pentagon, you get 100 points. The shapes have 'health,' too.

How rare are Diep IO green shapes? ›

The Green Pentagon is the rarest confirmed Polygon in Diep.io, and the second strongest in regards to health; the strongest being the Alpha Pentagon. The Green Pentagon grants a total of 13,000 EXP when destroyed.
Old Colors.
Extremely RareNo

Is Diep IO real? ›

Diep.io is a multiplayer action game available for web browsers, Android, and iOS, created by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares. Players control tanks and earn points by destroying shapes and killing other players in a 2D arena.

How do I upgrade my tri trapper? ›

The Tri-Trapper is one of the five current Upgrade choices from the Trapper, which can be selected at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.

How do you get the auto smasher? ›

The Auto Smasher is one of the three current Upgrades branching off of the Smasher and can be selected at Level 45. The Auto Smasher adds an Auto Turret in the middle of the body of the tank. It cannot upgrade further, as it is at the end of its upgrade line.

How do you get Streamliner Diep? ›

The Streamliner is a Tier 4 Upgrade from the Hunter or Gunner and can be selected at Level 45.

What is the best triplet build? ›

As Triplet

A good build is 2/3/0/7/7/7/7/0, due to the good health stats, and the maxed out offensive stats. For extra movement speed, just fire in the opposite direction to where you want to go.


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