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Vocoders are fun! In short, they are used to synthesize thehuman voice making them sound robotic and even “inhuman”.

The great thing about vocoder plugins is that they can add alot of flavor to your music in just a matter of seconds.

Now, in this post I will list the seven best professional/commercialvocoder plugins, as well as the 7 best free ones.

Let’s get started…

Table Of Contents

  1. VocalSynth 2 by Izotope ($199)
  2. Vocodexby Image-Line ($99)
  3. Morphoderby Waves Audio ($29)
  4. XILS V+by XILS Lab ($159)
  5. Vocalizer PRO by Sonivox ($49)
  6. Lector by WaldorfMusic ($180)
  7. Razor by Native Instruments $(99)
  8. TAL-Vocoder by Togu Audio Line (Free)
  9. FBVC by Full Bucket Music (Free)
  10. VSMINI Vocoder by WOK (Free)
  12. Vintage Vocoderby Sonicism (Free)
  13. Vocoveeby g200kg (Free)
  14. Vocoderby mda (Free)

VocalSynth 2 by Izotope ($199)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (1)

This is one of the most powerful commercial vocoder pluginsout there that also comes with loads of other features which are great forcreating cool and futuristic vocal effects.

VocalSynth 2 features a Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox,and Biovox, which is a brand new effect based on the sonic qualities of thehuman vocal tract.

It’s more than capable of creating the typical roboticeffects, however you can also get any kind of oldschool or “newschool” soundswhich should help you find that secret sauce that you need to make your mixessound awesome.

Since it’s one of those plugins where you can certainly getlost in all the features available, VocalSynth 2 also provides you with loadsof presets, which not only is a good starting point when you’re trying toachieve that awesome vocal sound, but it also helps you save loads of time.

The newly added “Biovox” feature is pretty interesting aswell;

Using scientific modelling of a human vocal tract, you canadjust human vocal characteristics like nasality, vowel shapes, and formantsfor a smooth, textural vocal treatment to any audio signal.

VocalSynth2 also features a visual animation that moves withthe shape of your audio, which gives you a pretty unique audio meteringexperience.

All iZotope products feature inter-plugin communication,allowing seamless integration with essential tools for music production andanalysis.


  • Biovox: Modelling of human vocal tract.
  • Stompbox-style effects
  • Inter-plugin communication
  • Extensive plugin enhancements
  • Best Free Vocoder VST/AU Plugins

You can find out more about VocalSynth 2 here.

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Vocodexby Image-Line ($99)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (2)

Image-Line is the company responsible for creating theamazing DAW FL Studio.

(Video) MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 - Intro, Download & Install

One important thing to note here is that Vocodex works in Windowsin almost any DAW, however if you want to be able to use it with a Mac computer,you’ll only be able to through FL Studio.

I believe that Vocodex is an ideal plugin for beginners becauseof how straight forward and easy to use the interface is.

It also features voice doubling and reverb capabilities, aswell as up to 100 filter bands which are individually controllable, giving youloads of options for creating extremely precise sounds.

It’s a lot more basic than VocalSynth 2, but that is why it’sbetter for beginners.

Plus, it allows you to get straight to the point withoutwasting time going through all the features.


  • Speech enhancement contouring of noise ormodulator pass-through.
  • Modulator noise reduction to reduce ambientnoise bleeding through carrier.
  • Voice doubling and reverb capabilities.
  • Built-in Soundgoodizer for limiting and warmoutput.
  • Up to 100 bands individually locatable anywherein the spectrum.
  • …and more!

You can find out more about Vocodex here.

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Morphoderby Waves Audio ($29)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (3)

This Vocoder plugin by Waves is not only powerful, but alsofeatures a built-in synth that works as a carrier.

However, this synth is pretty limited in the sense that itonly allows you to choose between 8 internal voice synthesizers.

The good news is that you can sidechain your own soundsources and completely ignore the built-in synth, should you want to.

It also comes with a 5-band EQ and some other features likeformant, smoothing and pressure controls.

As you can see, Morphoder is a very simple andstraightforward Vocoder plugin.

But what it lacks in flashiness it more than makes up in easeof use and overall effectiveness.

Just like Vocodex, I can definitely recommend Morphoder toany beginner and even pros.


  • 8-Voice stereo synthesizer
  • Formant control
  • Modulator with Linear Phase EQ
  • MIDI control

You can find out more about Morphoder here.

XILS V+by XILS Lab ($159)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (4)

The XILS V+ is a plugin based on Roland’s classic VP330which was comprised of a simple vocal synth, a very simple string synth and abasic vocoder.

The original Roland VP330 only does three things, but itdoes them in a style and quality, which have not yet been surpassed.

The plugin version combines a Vintage 10 band Vocoder,Supreme Top Octave Divider based Strings and Human Voices, or any sophisticatedlayering of these three elements.

It also features a couple new additions that the people at XILSLabs decided to include; A virtual keyboard, an Advanced Stereo Space effect, asimple but nice sounding reverb, an Analog like resonant Phaser, up to 6 freeassignable modulation nodes, and more…

If you’re looking for a simple and great sounding vocoder thatdoes these three things extremely well, and that is capable of ahugerange of related sounds that you can’t obtain from the original, then check outXILS V+.


  • Access to a lot of parameters which its hardwaremodel kept secret under the roof.
  • One strings section.
  • One human voices section.
  • One 10 bands vocoder.
  • A virtual keyboard
  • …and more!

You can find out more about XILS V+ here.

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Vocalizer PRO by Sonivox ($49)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (5)

If you’re looking for an affordable vocoder plugin thatstill performs incredibly well, then Vocalizer Pro might be for you.

It features a total of four Spectral Synthesis modules whichcan be routed in, around, and through each other in various combinations toincrease your sonic potential.

Now, add to this that each of these modules offers pitch shifting,filtering, and modulation using LFOs, and you can see how each module cancreate awesome sounds.

And since you can combine these modules in any way you like,the possibilities are endless.

Two rows of MIDI-mappable pads provide great performancecontrol.

The top row saves snapshots of parameter settings, while thebottom row stores multi-note chords for expressive real-time interaction.


  • Revolutionary MIDI-controlled audio effect
  • Unparalleled vocoding, re-synthesis and signalprocessing from subtle to mind-blowing
  • Expanded controls including FFT audio processingsuite
  • Pitch shift, formant, improved frequency controland spreading
  • Two rows of performance pads extend playabilityand live performance control

You can find out more about Vocalizer Pro here.

Lector by WaldorfMusic ($180)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (6)

The interface of Lector might seem a bit intimidating atfirst because of all the knobs and controls, however it’s pretty easy to use.

The analysis filter bank splits the incoming audio signalinto as many as 100 frequency bands, which basically means that you can getextremely detailed with the carrier if you want.

It comes with some unusual features such as; The Waldorfmultimode filter (12dB-24dB slopes), a whitening filter and a three-band EQ.

The Lector also features two oscillators with analogwaveforms such as sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and more, as well as variouseffects such as distortion, delay and reverb.


  • 3 to 100 band Vocoder
  • Adjustable range of Analysis Filter Bank
  • Adjustable offsets and LFO modulation ofSynthesis Filter Bank
  • 3-band Equalizer with variable mid band
  • Individual Compressors for Speech and Carriersignal
  • Voiced / Unvoiced Detector
  • …and more!

You can find out more about Lector here.

Razor by Native Instruments $(99)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (7)

Native Instruments is known for creating some of the bestplugins out there, be it Guitar VST Plugins or even samplerplugins, and they all sound fantastic.

Razor is actually a soft synth but it comes with anexcellent 34-band vocoder function.

This vocoder function is capable of creating the classicvocoder sounds which we all know, but it also allows for more experimentationwhere you can come up with some pretty cool sounds.

You might be hesitant of purchasing this plugin because ofits price tag, but remember that you are getting an overall excellent synth aswell, and not just the vocoder function.


  • Detailed, dynamic additive synthesis
  • Extreme sonic flexibility and morphability forboundless sound design
  • Easy-to-use subtractive controls and uniquevisual feedback

You can fin out more about Razor here.

This concludes the list of the premium vocoder VST/AUplugins.

Now, let’s move on to the free ones…

Best Free Vocoder VST/AU Plugins

  1. TAL-Vocoder by Togu Audio Line (Windows, Mac)
  2. FBVC by Full Bucket Music (Windows, Mac)
  3. VSMINI Vocoder by WOK (Windows only)
  6. Vocoveeby g200kg (Windows only)
  7. mda Vocoderby mda (Windows only)

TAL-Vocoder by Togu Audio Line (Free)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (8)

TAL-Vocoderis a vintage vocoder with 11 bands thatemulates the sound of vocoders from the early 80’s.

It includes analog modeled components in combination withdigital algorithms such as the SFFT (Short-Time Fast Fourier Transform).

This vocoder does not make a direct convolution of the carrier and modulation signal as other digital vocoders may do.

It includes an envelope follower for every of the elevenbands.

It is mostly been optimized for voice processing andincludes some algorithms for consonants to make the voice more intelligible.


  • 11 band vocoder engine.
  • Internal carrier synth (pulse, saw, sub osc,noise, mono, poly, portamento, sync mode, tune).
  • Possibility to route an external carrier signal.
  • Harmonic control (adds more harmonics to anycarrier signal)
  • …and more!

You can download TAL-Vocoder for free here.

FBVC by Full Bucket Music (Free)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (9)

TheFull Bucket Vocoder FBVCis a plugin thatsimulates the classic KORGVC-10 Vocoderfrom 1978.

It emulates both the sound character and the signal chain ofsaid vocoder while still introducing some new features.

The front panel is pretty easy to use and it features thebasic controls such as; the global tuning control, the volume controls forcarrier and modulator, the vibrato controls and the built-in patch browser.

One cool feature about this vocoder plugin is that it can loada .WAV file, which will then be used by the modulator.

This means that you can avoid routing the audio around inyour DAW by simply loading the .WAV file onto the vocoder.


  • 20 band full stereo vocoder
  • 64 voice polyphonic built-in Tone Generatorsection
  • Accent Bending and Vibrato effects
  • Optional WAV file playback
  • Fully tweakable Analysis/Synthesis section
  • …and more!

You can download FBVC for free here.

VSMINI Vocoder by WOK (Free)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (10)

VSMINI is a 20-band vocoder effect plugin based on theSennheiser Vocoder, however this one is a much more simplified version.

It features an internal carrier signal source with saw ornoise and optional MIDI control.

Also, an external signal can be used as the carrier on onechannel of the stereo input, the other channel receives the modulation signal.

An integrated noise generator for sibilance parts of the speechsignal improves articulation quality.

You can download VSMINI for free here.


14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (11)

Clearly, this isn’t your traditional vocoder plugin, as youmight have been able to make out from the name.

However, it really does have an interesting sound to it eventhough it’s quite a limited plugin.

It comes with a couple of built-in presets which sound a bitfunny… actually, the whole plugin sounds funny, but it’s pretty interesting aswell.

The mono version is an effect plugin, meaning it’s not a VSTinstrument.

The poly version is a VST instruments application, where youcan load the vocal track into the software and using the midi channel you cancreate a polyphonic vocoder.

You can download the Cannabis Vocoder for free here.

Vintage Vocoderby Sonicism (Free)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (12)

Vintage Vocoder was originally a commercial productpublished by Sonicism Digital Audio Solutions in 2002.

It was used for the robot voices and sound effects in thecomputer game Freelancer.

The interface is simple and easy to use, which is always nice,but it’s still a pretty powerful plugin, especially considering that it’s freeand pretty dated.


  • Screaming analogue style filtering:
  • Versatile and powerful Filterbank for analyzingthe modulator signal:
  • Onboard tone generator for use as the carriersignal:
  • Modulate anything with anything.

You can download the Vintage Vocoder for free here.

Vocoveeby g200kg (Free)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (13)

Vocoveeis a VST Effect version of g200kg’sVocovVocoder and its features are pretty limited.

It does not have sidechain routing but it does have a lowerlatency, making it ideal for performances.

It also has an improved built-in synth which is nice.


  • Digital vocoder engine.
  • Built-in 8 Voice polyphonic 3-OSC 2-LFO synth.
  • 6-band Graphic EQ.
  • Delay, Chorus and Reverb effects.

You can download Vocovee for free here.

Vocoderby mda (Free)

14+ Best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins: Updated 2022! - The Home Recordings (14)

This is a really simple switchable 8 or 16-band vocoder plugin.

Its interface is extremely simple and it doesn’t reallyfeature anything out of the ordinary.

It’s basically an earlier and less sophisticated version ofthe Cubase Vocoder.

Note: The website is a bit outdated and the downloadlink isn’t that easy to find. It’s the second-to-last one on the “Plug-ins”section.

You can download the mda Vocoder for free here.


Vocoder plugins are super fun to use, especially the goodones.

I would recommend all the beginners to download a couple ofthe free ones first before moving on to the higher-end ones.

I hope this information was useful.

Have a nice day!

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Do vocoder plug ins exist? ›

One could even use them to form experimental sounds like percussion. In the same way, there are many vocoder VST plugins available in the market that works straight from your DAW or Beat Maker software.

What is vocoder VST? ›

When it comes to vocal processing, one of the most interesting effects you can use is any kind of vocoder VST plugin. Simply put, a vocoder is a device that is used to synthesize the human voice. This has the effect of making vocals sound robotic and inhuman.

How do I use vocoder plugins? ›

Choose to input both tracks – Modulator (vocal track) and the Carrier (synth track) into the vocoder plugin. Make sure to choose the correct tracks. That's it. Hit play on your DAW and your vocoder should be working, producing a robotic-sounding vocal track.

Do you sing into a vocoder? ›

Singing Synth

It comes with a microphone attached on a gooseneck, which allows you to sing into the vocoder. Jeff Gorman plays the chords to the chorus into the MicroKorg creating synth like pads from his lead vocal track.

What is the best vocal VST? ›

In this guide, we look at the best vocal VST plugins.
  • EchoBoy by Soundtoys – Best Overall.
  • Auto-Tune Pro Vocal Studio by Antares – Best Premium Option.
  • MChorusMB by MeldaProduction – Best Budget Option.
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 3 by FabFilter.
  • FabFilter Pro-R by FabFilter.
  • Vocal Rider by Waves.
  • Renaissance Vox by Waves.

Did Cher use a vocoder? ›

It featured a pioneering use of the audio processing software Auto-Tune to distort Cher's vocals, which was widely imitated and became known as the "Cher effect".
Believe (Cher song)
B-side"Believe" (Xenomania Mix)
ReleasedOctober 19, 1998
StudioDreamhouse (West London)
14 more rows

Is a vocoder autotune? ›

Auto-Tune and vocoders are completely different animals, although both can be used creatively to impart an artificial, synthetic timbre to a singer's voice.

What does a vocoder do to the human voice? ›

A vocoder (/ˈvoʊkoʊdər/, a portmanteau of voice and encoder) is a category of speech coding that analyzes and synthesizes the human voice signal for audio data compression, multiplexing, voice encryption or voice transformation.

What does a vocoder do to a sound? ›

A vocoder is an audio effect that lets you impose the dynamics and changing spectral content of one sound (the modulator) onto another (the carrier). The modulator is usually the human voice, speaking or singing, while the carrier is usually a bright synthesizer.

Is a vocoder a synth? ›

A vocoder is a special type of synthesizer that changes how your voice sounds. By running your vocal track through the vocoder, you can make it sound more robotic.

What songs use vocoder? ›

Songs that use a vocoder, harmonizer, or Auto-Tune
  • (It's Just) The Way That You Love Me - Paula Abdul.
  • 11 Minutes - Halsey.
  • 7/11 - Beyoncé
  • After - Moby.
  • Alien - Britney Spears.
  • All The Above - Maino.
  • Angels - Diddy - Dirty Money.
  • BBM - Sean Kingston.

Did Stevie Wonder use a vocoder? ›

The vocoder was a major element in 1980s funk music. Artists like Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder were champions of the sound, using their virtuoso keyboard playing to create wildly expressive vocals.

Should I open my throat when singing? ›

The technique of the open throat is intended to promote a type of relaxation or vocal release in the throat that helps the singer avoid constriction and tension that would otherwise throttle or stifle the tone.

Should I use my throat when singing? ›

You should never sing from your throat—the power behind your voice is your breath, and your breath should be supported by your diaphragm. Sing from your core, allow your vocal cords to relax, and let your voice resonate in your chest, pharynx and face. Don't worry if this doesn't immediately make sense to you.

What plug ins make your voice sound better? ›

13 Great Plugins for Mixing Vocals (+ Mix Tips)
  • The Universal Audio 1176 Into the LA2A. ...
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 3. ...
  • Oeksound soothe2. ...
  • Soundtoys EchoBoy. ...
  • FabFilter Pro-DS. ...
  • Valhalla DSP VintageVerb. ...
  • Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack. ...
  • Soundtoys Decapitator.
Jan 13, 2023

What VST do most producers use? ›

Best VST Plugins for Music Production in 2023
  • Neve 1073 by Universal Audio. ...
  • Abbey Road RS124 by Waves. ...
  • Waves CLA-2A by Waves. ...
  • Trash 2 by iZotope. ...
  • C6 Multiband Compressor by Waves. Type: Compression. ...
  • Delay Tape-201 by Arturia. Type: Delay. ...
  • Valhalla Plate by Valhalla. Type: Reverb. ...
  • Soothe 2 by oeksound. Type: Compression.
Oct 28, 2022

What vocal plugins do the professionals use? ›

  • 12 Best VST Plugins for Professional Vocal Mixing. Professionally mixing your vocals requires the best VST plugins. ...
  • Scheps 73 (by Waves) ...
  • Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter (by Waves) ...
  • Valhalla VintageVerb (by Valhalla DSP) ...
  • Renaissance Vox (by Waves) ...
  • SSL E-Channel (by Waves) ...
  • Waves Tune (by Waves) ...
  • DeEsser (by Waves)

Who is the first person to use Auto-Tune? ›

Cher's 1998 hit Believe was the first recording to use Auto-Tune in a distinctive way, now known Cher Effect.

Who invented Auto-Tune? ›

Auto-Tune was launched in September 1997 by Andy Hildebrand, a Ph. D. research engineer who specialized in stochastic estimation theory and digital signal processing.

What was the first Auto-Tune song? ›

Cher's comeback smash “Believe” in 1998 is recognized as the first commercial release featuring Auto-Tune. In fact, the robotic yet mesmerizing sound of the song came to be known as “the Cher effect.”

What vocoder does Bon Iver use? ›

Bon Iver and other similar artists use the Prismizer Vocal Effect.

What Daw did Daft Punk use? ›

What DAWs Did Daft Punk Use? The two DAWs Daft Punk claimed to use are Ableton Live and Avid Pro Tools.

Do all singers use Auto-Tune? ›

Virtually everyone in the music industry today uses autotune, even just a little bit. It helps everything blend together by correcting any off notes that would distract the listener. It's pretty much impossible to sing perfectly in tune all of the time, so autotune is a subtle tool to tighten up a singer's performance.

What is the opposite of Auto-Tune? ›

If you want those slimy Young Thug-esque vocals, autotune is the way to go. On the opposite side of the spectrum is what we call “pitch correction”.

What Auto-Tune do singers use? ›

Auto-Tune is a software plug-in and hardware audio processor made by Antares but it has become synonymous with the correcting of vocals since the 1998 Cher track “Believe,” where it was used to excess.
  • Antares Auto-Tune.
  • Celemony Melodyne.
  • Waves Tune.
  • Steinberg Cubase VariAudio.
  • In Conclusion.
Feb 28, 2018

Did Daft Punk use talkbox or vocoder? ›

Since then, I've been basically trying all sorts of things with it and after extensive testing I can conclusively say that this is the vocoder responsible for 90% of Daft Punk vocal tracks.

Does Cher use vocoder? ›

After months of producers and co-writers tinkering with the original version, Cher came across a track by British singer/songwriter Andrew Roachford that used a vocoder to manipulate his vocals. ''We were tackling 'Believe' for the gazillionth time,'' she told The Times.

Is a vocoder Autotune? ›

Auto-Tune and vocoders are completely different animals, although both can be used creatively to impart an artificial, synthetic timbre to a singer's voice.

Who made vocoder famous? ›

But if one modern artist stands out for making the vocoder sound a staple of popular music, it's Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force with the breakthrough hit “Planet Rock.” If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who first use vocoder in music? ›

One of the first attempts to use a vocoder in creating music was the "Siemens Synthesizer" at the Siemens Studio for Electronic Music, developed between 1956 and 1959. In 1968, Robert Moog developed one of the first solid-state musical vocoders for the electronic music studio of the University at Buffalo.

What was the first vocoder? ›

The EMS Studio Vocoder was the world's first commercially available machine, released in 1976. It was later renamed the EMS 5000. Among its users were Stevie Wonder and Kraftwerk.

Is there a talkbox VST? ›

To implement a talkbox effect in your digital music studio, use the Talkbox Virtual Studio Technology plug-in from the audio software developer MDA.

How do I make my voice sound like Daft Punk? ›

Daft Punk is well known for the use of talkboxes and vocoders on vocals in tracks like Harder Better Faster Stronger. There are a lot of vocal effect plugins already containing vocoders such as the Izotope Vocal Synth. By combining autotune together with a vocoder you'll get the iconic Daft Punk robotic vocals sound.

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